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Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Mar 10 07:51:23 UTC 2004

On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 05:56:34PM +1100, Noelle  Ng wrote:
>   now i have setup the server, was trying to run the client so it can talk
> to the server, and fetch the directory from there. while i'm running it,
> i got this message, it said "please use none". what does it mean?

Gosh, you're right, that's not a very useful message. The problem here
is that directory servers must define RecommendedVersions in the config
file. Something like:

RecommendedVersions 0.0.2pre23,0.0.2pre24,0.0.2pre25,0.0.2pre26

Clients that aren't running one of these recommendedversions will exit
with the above error message. I've just changed CVS so directory servers
that don't set the RecommendedVersions config variable will fail to start.
Thanks for the bug report.

>    when i run the client, i actually cat the info from the server
> "dirservers" file to the client "dirservers" file. if i empty the
> client "dirservers" file, it's read failed too...
> 1/ where do the client get the "dirservers" file?

You've got two choices.

Right now we distribute a dirservers file with the tarball. It comes in
src/config/. You could make your tarball include your dirservers file.

Alternatively, as of 26 Feb, we've made the code come with a default
dirservers list, in config.c (look for "default_dirservers_string"). You
could change that so it includes your set of dirservers, and then clients
will use that if you don't give them any dirservers file.

Hope that helps,

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