Tor server (resend)

Noelle Ng ytng at
Wed Mar 10 06:59:59 UTC 2004


   (i am running a separate Tor network)

   now i have setup the server, was trying to run the client so it can talk
 to the server, and fetch the directory from there. while i'm running it,
 i got this message, it said "please use none". what does it mean?


./tor -f ../config/torrc -r ../config/dirservers
 Mar 10 17:19:11.507 [warn] tor_main(): Tor v0.0.2pre19. This is
 experimental software. Do not use it if you need anonymity.

 Mar 10 17:19:13.862 [err] You are running Tor version 0.0.2pre19, which
 will not work with this network.
 Please use none.

 Mar 10 17:19:13.864 [err] cpuworker_main(): read type failed. Exiting.


    when i run the client, i actually cat the info from the server
 "dirservers" file to the client "dirservers" file. if i empty the
 client "dirservers" file, it's read failed too...

 1/ where do the client get the "dirservers" file?

 2/ does anyone know how to fix the errors?


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