TOR plus a P2P application SHAREAZA

Euseval at Euseval at
Sat Jun 5 12:45:24 UTC 2004


TOR is a great thing to have anonymity.
The architecture is only one thing, 
a practical application the next step.

Is there any development or morvement to a seperate project to built up the first hybrid application with TOR ?

The most need for a anonym application is sharing music files and to allow the chinese people to real all websites

Though, you can download a website by a p2p app as well, eg. Shareaza, you shurely know as the main client of the edonkey and gnutella networks.

Is there a goal to implement tor into the open source code of the shareaza application ?

here you find the source code, please save it for further development and make a fist real practical app a users can use with TOR.

Shareaza is the best p2p app for that.

Would be nice to have a simpel and quick implementation for the first comeout soon.

So.. is you goal now only to polish the code of TOR or are you interested in making it hybrid with the first application ?

Gnutellanodes by the way would increse the network of TOR and the rendevous points and nodes.

So is there any project ?


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