Tor 0.0.7rc1 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Jun 2 20:29:16 UTC 2004

This release fixes some assert triggers we've been hunting down. I now
don't know of any bugs in cvs. Please show me that I'm wrong. :)


Changes from 0.0.7pre1:
  o Bugfixes:
    - On sighup, we were adding another log without removing the first
      one. So log messages would get duplicated n times for n sighups.
    - Several cases of using a connection after we'd freed it. The
      problem was that connections that are pending resolve are in both
      the pending_resolve tree, and also the circuit's resolving_streams
      list. When you want to remove one, you must remove it from both.
    - Fix a double-mark-for-close where an end cell arrived for a
      resolving stream, and then the resolve failed.
    - Check directory signatures based on name of signer, not on whom
      we got the directory from. This will let us cache directories more
  o Features:
    - Crank up some of our constants to handle more users.

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