Tor 0.0.7pre1 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Jun 2 04:17:11 UTC 2004

We've fixed all the old bugs (I think), and added plenty of new bugs. Keep
the bug reports coming. :)


changes from
  o Fixes for crashes and other obnoxious bugs:
    - Fix an epipe bug: sometimes when directory connections failed
      to connect, we would give them a chance to flush before closing
    - When we detached from a circuit because of resolvefailed, we
      would immediately try the same circuit twice more, and then
      give up on the resolve thinking we'd tried three different
      exit nodes.
    - Limit the number of intro circuits we'll attempt to build for a
      hidden service per 15-minute period.
    - Check recommended-software string *early*, before actually parsing
      the directory. Thus we can detect an obsolete version and exit,
      even if the new directory format doesn't parse.
  o Fixes for security bugs:
    - Remember which nodes are dirservers when you startup, and if a
      random OR enables his dirport, don't automatically assume he's
      a trusted dirserver.
  o Other bugfixes:
    - Directory connections were asking the wrong poll socket to
      start writing, and not asking themselves to start writing.
    - When we detached from a circuit because we sent a begin but
      didn't get a connected, we would use it again the first time;
      but after that we would correctly switch to a different one.
    - Stop warning when the first onion decrypt attempt fails; they
      will sometimes legitimately fail now that we rotate keys.
    - Override unaligned-access-ok check when $host_cpu is ia64 or
      arm. Apparently they allow it but the kernel whines.
    - Dirservers try to reconnect periodically too, in case connections
      have failed.
    - Fix some memory leaks in directory servers.
    - Allow backslash in Win32 filenames.
    - Made Tor build complain-free on FreeBSD, hopefully without
      breaking other BSD builds. We'll see.
  o Features:
    - Doxygen markup on all functions and global variables.
    - Make directory functions update routerlist, not replace it. So
      now directory disagreements are not so critical a problem.
    - Remove the upper limit on number of descriptors in a dirserver's
      directory (not that we were anywhere close).
    - Allow multiple logfiles at different severity ranges.
    - Allow *BindAddress to specify ":port" rather than setting *Port
      separately. Allow multiple instances of each BindAddress config
      option, so you can bind to multiple interfaces if you want.
    - Allow multiple exit policy lines, which are processed in order.
      Now we don't need that huge line with all the commas in it.
    - Enable accept/reject policies on SOCKS connections, so you can bind
      to but still control who can use your OP.

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