is the dirservers file obsolete?

Roger Dingledine arma at
Mon Jul 26 09:35:28 UTC 2004

The dirservers file provides ip:port, nickname, and identity key for each
dirserver. The rest of the stuff in each server descriptor (e.g. onion
key) is not used.

Could we do away with this file, and add Config lines of the form

TrustedDir moria1: FFCB 46DB 1339 DA84 674C 70D7 CB58 6434 C437 0441

This would make it easier for people to trust new dirservers
(they wouldn't have to somehow construct a whole descriptor for
them), and it would remove that horrible hundred-line const char
default_dirservers_string[] in config.c.

The actual identity key (notice we only have the fingerprint in my
example line above) would be required to show up in a descriptor for that
dirserver, included inside the directory he signs. In practice this is
already happening.

Can anybody think of a reason not to fix this? (e.g. something they're
doing with the dirservers file currently, or would like to be doing)


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