setup tor client/server

Roger Dingledine arma at
Mon Jan 26 09:55:24 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 08:42:33PM +1100, Noelle  Ng wrote:
>    i am setting up a simple client/server network running tor.  though i
> got some help from Roger, thanks for your reply, it did clear out some
> hinderance. however, i still have some trouble setting up the tor
> server.

I assume you're setting up an entire network separately, including
directory servers, etc.

> 1/ for the DirPort set to non-zero value, i supposed you changed this
> configuration in your application (eg Mozilla proxies) http proxy -> port
> to non-zero?

You add a DirPort line to the configuration file for the node(s) that
you want to run a directory server. You never need to interact with the
directory server directly -- the address gets recorded in the router
descriptor, and the clients automatically fetch directories from it.

The router descriptors for each directory server should be concatenated
into the "dirservers" file, which will be used by clients and servers
to know where to find the directory.

> 2/ how do i put the fingerprint into the approved-routers file for each
> directory servers? can you be more specific?

When you run a Tor server for the first time, it generates keys and
writes them to a file, along with a fingerprint of the identity key.
One of the files it generates it called 'fingerprint'. An example is:
moria4 BA5E 1200 B477 7843 616C 8864 DE0C D1FE CB52 CE3C

You add these lines to the approved-routers file and then Tor servers
in your Tor network will accept connections from those servers.

I really should set up a howto for this. Want to write one up once you've
got it working?


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