Tor 0.0.2pre19 prerelease is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Jan 7 23:06:11 UTC 2004

This should be compatible with pre18; clients should see no difference,
and servers only need to upgrade if they want to, or if they're getting
bitten by the pre18 bugs (e.g. they don't like having 100 forked
processes ;).

Note that 'make install' will clobber your torrc, so back it up if you've
changed it.

Improvements since 0.0.2pre18:

  - Fix deadlock condition in dns farm. We were telling a child to die by
    closing the parent's file descriptor to him. But newer children were
    inheriting the open file descriptor from the parent, and since they
    weren't closing it, the socket never closed, so the child never read
    eof, so he never knew to exit. Similarly, dns workers were holding
    open other sockets, leading to all sorts of chaos.
  - New cleaner daemon() code for forking and backgrounding.
  - If you log to a file, it now prints an entry at the top of the
    logfile so you know it's working.
  - The onionskin challenge length was 30 bytes longer than necessary.
  - Started to patch up the spec so it's not quite so out of date.

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