README file for Mac OS X package

Adam Shostack adam at
Sun Dec 12 16:55:09 UTC 2004

Hi Hideki,

   I would remove any information that isn't applicable directly to
the Mac.  Mac users are used to good packaging.  I'd also suggest
naming the dmg tor-0.9.dmg, rather than just tor.dmg.   I'll try to
test tonight.


On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 08:38:47AM -0800, Hideki Saito wrote:
| Right now, Mac OS X package at its execution, displays README file as
| contained in the original Tor distribution.
| It is previously mentioned that there's informaton about tsocks, which
| is not applicable to Mac at all. (I've tried to compile tsocks on Mac,
| but it seems like some fundamantal system call difference causing it
| to not compile.)
| I'm curious if I should get rid of this section for the package
| display. Wondering if it might cause confusion.
| Also I certainly need more people trying it :-)
| It technically should work with everyone, but just not sure...
| By the way, if anyone's having problem keep track of what I'm
| offering, I also got RSS feed.
| -- 
| Hideki Saito mailto: hidekis at

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