Tor 0.0.8 is out

Nick Mathewson nickm at
Wed Aug 25 20:05:43 UTC 2004

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 03:46:56PM -0400, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> The 0.0.8 release fixes a wide variety of bugs in 0.0.7, and also
> adds lots of new features.
> I'm off to Peru for two weeks, so don't expect any responses from me
> for a while. :)

But if you need Tor help in the next two weeks, I'll still be around.
Please think of me as a "virtual Roger." 

Also, please continue to send new server keys to <tor-ops at>.

Nick Mathewson
(PGP key changed on 15Aug2004; see
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