Tor 0.0.8rc1 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Aug 18 22:08:33 UTC 2004

We've got most of the new features in now, so it's time for a release
candidate. Please let me know about all those bugs that have been nagging
you. And try out the new features and tell me which ones are broken.

(use -t tor-0_0_8rc1 if you want to check out from cvs)

Changes from
  o Bugfixes:
    o Fix assert triggers: if the other side returns an address,
      don't put it into the client dns cache.
    o If a begin failed due to exit policy, but we believe the IP address
      should have been allowed, switch that router to exitpolicy reject *:*
      until we get our next directory.
  o Features:
    o Clients choose nodes proportional to advertised bandwidth.
    o Avoid using nodes with low uptime as introduction points.
    o Handle servers with dynamic IP addresses: don't replace
      options->Address with the resolved one at startup, and
      detect our address right before we make a routerinfo each time.
    o 'FascistFirewall' option to pick dirservers and ORs on specific
      ports; plus 'FirewallPorts' config option to tell FascistFirewall
      which ports are open. (Defaults to 80,443)
    o Be more aggressive about trying to make circuits when the network
      has changed (e.g. when you unsuspend your laptop).
    o Check for time skew on http headers; report date in response to
      "GET /".
    o If the entrynode config line has only one node, don't pick it as
      an exitnode.
    o Add strict{entry|exit}nodes config options. If set to 1, then
      we refuse to build circuits that don't include the specified entry
      or exit nodes.
    o OutboundBindAddress config option, to bind to a specific
      IP address for outgoing connect()s.
    o End truncated log entries (e.g. directories) with "[truncated]".

Patches to 0.0.8preX:
  o Bugfixes:
    o Patches to compile and run on win32 again (maybe)?
    o Fix crash when looking for ~/.torrc with no $HOME set.
    o Fix a race bug in the unit tests.
    o Handle verified/unverified name collisions better when new
      routerinfo's arrive in a directory.
    o Sometimes routers were getting entered into the stats before
      we'd assigned their identity_digest. Oops.
    o Only pick and establish intro points after we've gotten a
  o Features:
    o AllowUnverifiedNodes config option to let circuits choose no-name
      routers in entry,middle,exit,introduction,rendezvous positions.
      Allow middle and rendezvous positions by default.
    o Add a man page for tor-resolve.

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