privoxy (was Re: ipv6)

Patrick McFarland diablod3 at
Mon Aug 9 16:18:29 UTC 2004

On Mon, 9 Aug 2004 17:30:19 +0200, Eugen Leitl <eugen at> wrote:
> I'd rather have the traffic remixing part done on a fast machine close
> to one of the Internet backbones. I haven't installed tor/privoxy on the
> home network behind my ADSL, but I suspect it will be slow. Tor/privoxy as is
> is already pretty slow (so I'm using two instances of a browser: one proxied,
> for secure use, and one with direct connection).

Actually, something really nasty/cool/useful/abuseful I found was
setting tor traffic TOS to something differently. By setting the TOS
of all packets going and coming from 9050, 9001:9004, and 9030:9033 to
Minimize-Delay, it increase the performance of my tor connections a

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