privoxy (was Re: ipv6)

Michael Laccetti michael at
Mon Aug 9 14:17:22 UTC 2004

Would you be trying to access it from outside, or from inside?  If you've
got it on an internal network, then you just need to whitelist whatever
internal IP you use.  In my case, I've got my 10.0.0.x stuff setup for
access, and my IP from work.

Not quite sure how the dynamic IP ties into things.  What am I missing?
(Sorry, I'm always slow in the morning.) 

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On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 10:03:35AM -0400, Michael Laccetti wrote:

> Privoxy can be setup to use ACLs; it will only accept connections from 
> the

Thanks. Unfortunately, my DSL is on dynamic IP, and hence doesn't have a
meaningful address mask to whitelist.

> IPs you specify.  That way it can listen on, but only respond 
> to certain requests.

I think stunnel or ssh tunnel is a way to both authenticate and encrypt the
session to a privoxy/tor pair running on a colo box out there... or is there
something I'm overlooking? 

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