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Hi Roger!

Roger Dingledine schrieb am 2004-08-09 01:18:57:
> No, you misunderstand. Tor servers should be able to extend to other
> Tor servers. While we keep that assumption, as long as there exists a
> Tor server that only speaks ipv4, then all the other Tor servers need
> to support ipv4 too.

No I think tor should be able to handle IPv6-only servers as well. Sure
preferably all IPv6 servers should support IPv4 too, no doubt. But with
your reasoning, you could also say: "as long as there exists a Tor
server that only speaks ipv6, then all the other tor servers need to
support ipv6 too."
It's just not acceptable to be that arrogant, that one tries to tell
someone else which network layer protocol he has to use. If someone does
not want to IPv6-enable his network yet ... okay - but he has to accept
it as well if someone else wants to operate an IPv6-only network. But in
general I don't expect anyone to operate an IPv6 network yet, that has
servers that are not connectable on IPv4 addresses. But if he does, it
is his decision.

Tot kijk

BTW: I'd like to operate a tor server, but with present code this is
just impossible for me. As I wrote in my previous post, tor greatly
fails if the destination (e.g. a website) has IPv6 records in DNS. I'll
have to read the spec mentioned earlier, that documents how IPv6 is
transported over tor. If I'd implement this spec, whould there be any
chance, that it's included in CVS? I already contributed IPv6 support to
other open source projects.

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