Tor 0.0.8pre3 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Mon Aug 9 07:47:39 UTC 2004

Some more bugs fixed, including an assert, a rare infinite loop, and
some key rotation bugs.

(use -t tor-0_0_8pre3 if you want to check out from cvs)

Changes from
  o Allow multiple ORs with same nickname in routerlist -- now when
    people give us one identity key for a nickname, then later
    another, we don't constantly complain until the first expires.
  o Remember used bandwidth (both in and out), and publish 15-minute
    snapshots for the past day into our descriptor.
  o You can now fetch $DIRURL/running-routers to get just the
    running-routers line, not the whole descriptor list. (But
    clients don't use this yet.)
  o When people mistakenly use Tor as an http proxy, point them
    at the tor-doc.html rather than the INSTALL.
  o Remove our mostly unused -- and broken -- hex_encode()
    function. Use base16_encode() instead. (Thanks to Timo Lindfors
    for pointing out this bug.)
  o Rotate onion keys every 12 hours, not every 2 hours, so we have
    fewer problems with people using the wrong key.
  o Change the default exit policy to reject the default edonkey,
    kazaa, gnutella ports.
  o Add replace_file() to util.[ch] to handle win32's rename().

Changes from 0.0.8preX:
  o Fix two bugs in saving onion keys to disk when rotating, so
    hopefully we'll get fewer people using old onion keys.
  o Fix an assert error that was making SocksPolicy not work.
  o Be willing to expire routers that have an open dirport -- it's
    just the authoritative dirservers we want to not forget.
  o Reject tor-resolve requests for .onion addresses early, so we
    don't build a whole rendezvous circuit and then fail.
  o When you're warning a server that he's unverified, don't cry
    wolf unpredictably.
  o Fix a race condition: don't try to extend onto a connection
    that's still handshaking.
  o For servers in clique mode, require the conn to be open before
    you'll choose it for your path.
  o Fix some cosmetic bugs about duplicate mark-for-close, lack of
    end relay cell, etc.
  o Measure bandwidth capacity over the last 24 hours, not just 12
  o Bugfix: authoritative dirservers were making and signing a new
    directory for each client, rather than reusing the cached one.

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