Rendezvous points are implemented: please test them

Roger Dingledine arma at
Thu Apr 8 10:31:54 UTC 2004

We have implemented hidden services in Tor. For example, you can run
a web server without revealing your IP. There are bound to be bugs;
please let us know.


Go to the url http://550w0rfobvomsywe.onion/ to see a sample website.
(Obviously, this only works through Tor. You also need a socks4a proxy
such as Privoxy.)

If you want to offer your own hidden service:  (from the README)
  Copy torrc.sample to torrc, and edit the bottom part. Then run Tor. It
  will create each HiddenServiceDir you have configured, and it will
  create a 'hostname' file which specifies the url (xyz.onion) for that
  service. You can tell people the url, and they can connect to it via
  their Tor proxy.

I'll put a wiki up at some point (as a hidden service, of course), so
people can have a repository index for listing services that people are
offering. If you have a very stable connection, please feel free to set
this up first. :)

Please report bugs, etc. We still have some more functionality we want
to add, but things should be usable now.


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