flush_buf: Assertion (*__erno_location ()) != 32 failed

Andrew R. Reiter arr at watson.org
Tue Apr 6 18:06:20 UTC 2004


I've been running Tor proxy on a linux (fedora core 1 release)
installation with pretty much one machine (with multiple web client
programs) and after running for awhile today ... specifically after I hit
www.dice.com, I received the following log messages:

[warn] Bug: caught sigpipe. Ignoring.
tor: buffers.c:256: flush_buf: Assertion `(*_errno_location ()) != 32'

I am not too familiar with helping to debug tor (at all) but after looking
through the code this seems like a known issue.  How can I help resolve
this issue?  Also, if I should read back emails, please just yell at me.


Andrew R. Reiter
arr at watson.org
arr at FreeBSD.org

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