Tor 0.0.6rc3 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Thu Apr 29 02:39:16 UTC 2004

We've fixed a few more bugs. People running hidden services need to
upgrade to rc3. (But others are welcome to as well.)


Improvements since 0.0.6rc2:
  o Don't expire non-general excess circuits (if we had enough
    circuits open, we were expiring rendezvous circuits -- even
    when they had a stream attached. oops.)
  o Fetch randomness from /dev/urandom better (not via fopen/fread)
  o Better debugging for tls errors
  o Some versions of openssl have an SSL_pending function that erroneously
    returns bytes when there is a non-application record pending.
  o Set Content-Type on the directory and hidserv descriptor.
  o Remove IVs from cipher code, since AES-ctr has none.
  o Win32 fixes. Tor now compiles on win32 with no warnings/errors.
    o We were using an array of length zero in a few places.
    o win32's gethostbyname can't resolve an IP to an IP.
    o win32's close can't close a socket.

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