Tor 0.0.6rc1 is out, and it's backwards incompatible

Roger Dingledine arma at
Sun Apr 25 22:08:17 UTC 2004

Normally I don't announce release candidates on or-announce, but all
previous versions of Tor are now obsolete, so this rc is special. :)


Improvements since 0.0.5:
  o Hidden services and rendezvous points are implemented. Go to
    http://6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion/ for an index of currently available
    hidden services. (This only works via a socks4a proxy such as
    Privoxy, and currently it's quite slow.)
  o We now rotate link (tls context) keys and onion keys.
  o CREATE cells now include oaep padding, so you can tell
    if you decrypted them correctly.
  o Fix an assert trigger for exit nodes that's been plaguing us since
    the days of 0.0.2prexx (thanks weasel!)
  o Make tor build on broken freebsd 5.2 installs.
  o Retry stream correctly when we fail to connect because of
    exit-policy-reject (should try another) or can't-resolve-address.
  o When we hup a dirserver and we've *removed* a server from the
    approved-routers list, now we remove that server from the
    in-memory directories too.
  o Add bandwidthburst to server descriptor.
  o Directories now say which dirserver signed them.
  o Use a tor_assert macro that logs failed assertions too.

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