0.0.6pre3 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Wed Apr 14 20:32:06 UTC 2004

This prerelease includes a fix for a crash bug in 0.0.5. Perhaps
this will encourage more people to test it. :)

tarball:   http://freehaven.net/tor/dist/tor-0.0.6pre3.tar.gz
signature: http://freehaven.net/tor/dist/tor-0.0.6pre3.tar.gz.asc

The url for the sample website is http://lko3arwa2hacezro.onion/
(The hidden wiki appears to be down for now.)

changes from 0.0.6pre2:
  - make hup work again
  - fix some memory leaks for dirservers
  - allow more skew in rendezvous descriptor timestamps, to help
    handle people like blanu who don't know what time it is
  - normal circs are 3 hops, but some rend/intro circs are 4, if
    the initiator doesn't get to choose the last hop
  - send acks for introductions, so alice can know whether to try
  - bob publishes intro points more correctly

changes from 0.0.5:
  - fix an assert trigger that's been plaguing us since the days
    of 0.0.2prexx (thanks weasel!)
  - retry stream correctly when we fail to connect because of
    exit-policy-reject (should try another) or can't-resolve-address
    (also should try another, because dns on random internet servers
    is flaky).
  - when we hup a dirserver and we've *removed* a server from the
    approved-routers list, now we remove that server from the
    in-memory directories too

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