traffic analysis for mix network

Xinwen Fu xinwenfu at
Tue Oct 21 15:00:30 UTC 2003

	I'm clearly a newcomer. -:)

	We have been studying statistical traffic analysis attacks using
pattern recognition for a couple of years. I
know this group (or-dev at is the core of anonymity
research. I'd like to get some suggestion on the following papers:

(1) On Flow Correlation Attacks and Countermeasures in Mix Networks
	This paper studies the problem of passively correlating flows into
and out of
mixes. Although it studies a simple case, I think, it can be extended to
complicated cases. Moreover, the countermeasure we proposed will be a good
alternative of Tarzan's cover traffic mechanics.

	This paper just gives part of our study in this direction. But you
should get our idea easily.

(2) Empirical Evaluation and Theoretical Analysis of Active Probing
Attacks (
	This paper studies active probing attacks which use ping (for
example) to get useful information around a network. In fact, we study a
case like Wei Dai's attack, but we assume an external adversary.

	Any evaluation to these two papers is welcome!


Xinwen Fu

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