Tor 0.0.2pre13 prerelease is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Sun Oct 19 06:40:10 UTC 2003

No need to upgrade unless you want to try the new features, or you just
want to be generally helpful with testing the next prerelease. Bug reports
welcome. :) Note that if you want to run it from within the sandbox still,
you'll need to include "-f torrc --routerfile ./dirservers". If you do
a make install, you simply have to run "tor".

Tor 0.0.2pre13 release notes

Improvements since 0.0.2pre12:

General stability:
  - SSL_write no longer fails when it returns WANTWRITE and the number
    of bytes in the buf has changed by the next SSL_write call.
  - Fix segfault fetching directory when network is down
  - Fix a variety of minor memory leaks
  - Dirservers reload the fingerprints file on HUP, so I don't have
    to take down the network when I approve a new router
  - Default server config file has explicit Address line to specify fqdn

  - Buffers grow and shrink as needed (Cut process size from 20M to 2M)
  - Make listener connections not ever alloc bufs

Autoconf improvements:
  - don't clobber an external CFLAGS in ./configure
  - Make install now works
  - create var/lib/tor on make install
  - autocreate a initscript to help distribs
  - autocreate the torrc and sample-server-torrc with correct paths

Log files and Daemonizing now work:
  - If --DebugLogFile is specified, log to it at -l debug
  - If --LogFile is specified, use it instead of commandline
  - If --RunAsDaemon is set, tor forks and backgrounds on startup

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