Request for comments: onion routing design paper

Paul Holman pablos at
Sun Nov 2 22:54:53 UTC 2003

So, I haven't read through the docs or the code or really anything yet, 
but I do have a tor node running.  I have a question about "sessions" 
with web sites.  If I'm using tor as a proxy, should I expect 
successive requests to the same web site to show up with a variety of 
IP addresses?  This will break some web applications that key off the 
IP address.  The obvious follow-up question is whether there is any 
reasonable way to make a given web session use the same IP.  I've been 
unable to tell what they dynamics here are, probably because we have 
too few nodes.

No need for flames about how web applications that use IPs for session 
keys are broken, I understand the implications.

Thanks, pablos.
Paul Holman
The Shmoo Group
pablos at

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