A couple requests here...

Bruce Montrose montrose at itd.nrl.navy.mil
Fri Jul 11 19:47:31 UTC 2003

There is a file called tor.tar.gz which can be found here

1) Please review the mktor script in this tarball and give me some feedback.
This script is supposed to simplify setting up an onion router. It makes
custom server and client configuration files. Feedback regarding correctness
of the generated configuration files, and what else would be nice for the
script to do would be much appreciated. NOTE: The routers file was created
by merging the script generated routers files from each of four systems.

2) If the configuration files seem ok, then please take a look at bem.log,
ced.log, and or4.log and let me know if this seems normal. The log files
seem to show that these three servers aren't able to communicate properly.
These are all RedHat 7.2 Linux machines btw. Kiwi is a windows box, but I
never launched that one for this test.

I started the onion router on ced, bem, and or4 and let them run for awhile
without trying to generate any traffic through them. I just wanted to record
the onion routers discovering each other. It does not seem to be working
properly, so I suspect that my configuration is probably in error.

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