autoconf probs

Roger Dingledine arma at
Mon Feb 10 20:27:54 UTC 2003

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 03:07:23PM -0500, Bruce Montrose wrote:
> I have automake-1.6.3-1 installed.

It works for me. Hm. (I should note that this only prevents development
on your RH80 machine currently, not building. Do a 'make dist' from
another machine, and then transfer the resulting tarball, configure,
make. (Does that work?))

After 'make distclean':

gyrfalcon% cat /etc/issue
Red Hat Linux release 8.0 (Psyche)
Kernel \r on an \m
gyrfalcon% aclocal
gyrfalcon% autoheader
WARNING: Using auxiliary files such as `acconfig.h', `'
WARNING: and `', to define templates for `'
WARNING: is deprecated and discouraged.

WARNING: Using the third argument of `AC_DEFINE' and
WARNING: `AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED' allows to define a template without
WARNING: `acconfig.h':

WARNING:             [Define if a function `main' is needed.])

WARNING: More sophisticated templates can also be produced, see the
WARNING: documentation.
autoheader: `' is unchanged
gyrfalcon% autoconf
gyrfalcon% automake
gyrfalcon% whereis automake
automake: /usr/bin/automake
gyrfalcon% rpm -qf /usr/bin/automake
gyrfalcon% rpm -qf /usr/bin/autoconf

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