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Some Guy amichrisde at yahoo.de
Tue Dec 30 13:52:26 UTC 2003

Hi, I'm interested in working on a DHT with mix routing.  I've got some questions which I hope
aren't too off topic for this list.

Is it really nessesary for each node along a tunnel/circuit to check messages for integrity?

I realise this lets a faulty node inserting bad data immediately be identified by its neighbors. 
However couldn't a faulty node just drop all the messages to break a tunnel anyway?  

Does anything stop a faulty from repeating messages?  Is that dangerous?

If an application (like DHT) using mix routing had only a few fixed message sizes, there would be
no need to pad the messages, if messages stayed the same size going down tunnels.

So I guess what I'm suggesting is the user sends the <hash(m),m> encrypted with several layers
symetric keys, through the tunnel, and whenever someone notices after decription that hash matches
the rest of the message, he then interprets the rest of the message to be a control message
otherwise he just passes it along.

Does anyone know of a reason why this would be bad right off the bat?


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