Tor 0.0.2pre15 prerelease is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Dec 3 20:38:27 UTC 2003

This is mainly a bugfix release for clients. If pre14 works for you,
feel free to stick with it. But I find that pre15 works a lot better.

Note that 'make install' will clobber your torrc, so back it up if you've
changed it.

Improvements since 0.0.2pre14:

Robustness and bugfixes:
  - Sometimes clients would cache incorrect DNS resolves, which would
    really screw things up.
  - An OP that goes offline would slowly leak all its sockets and stop
  - A wide variety of bugfixes in exit node selection, exit policy
    handling, and processing pending streams when a new circuit is
  - Pick nodes for a path only from those the directory says are up
  - Choose randomly from all running dirservers, not always the first one
  - Increase allowed http header size for directory fetch.
  - Stop writing to stderr (if we're daemonized it will be closed).
  - Enable -g always, so cores will be more useful to me.
  - Switch "-lcrypto -lssl" to "-lssl -lcrypto" for broken distributions.

  - Wrote a man page. It lists commonly used options.

  - Change default loglevel to warn.
  - Make PidFile default to null rather than littering in your CWD.
  - OnionRouter config option is now obsolete. Instead it just checks
  - Moved to a single unified torrc file for both clients and servers.

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