path selection despite exit policies

Andrei Serjantov aas23 at
Tue Apr 8 09:28:56 UTC 2003

Sounds like you guys have sorted this out, but here is a small suggestion

Can we not publish our exit blacklist somewhere? And ask the node
operators to keep it fairly uniform (I think conflicts on blocking
particular sites are unlikely). The entire problem then goes away -- if it
is blocked on one node, it is likely to be blocked on all (most).

BTW, in ICDCS 2003:

On Effectiveness of Link Padding for Statistical Traffic Analysis

Xinwen Fu, Bryan Graham, Riccardo Bettati and Wei Zhao (Texas A&M

Some of us have read some of their papers before.....


Andrei Serjantov
Queens' College
Cambridge CB3 9ET

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