new (incompatible) 0.0.1 out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Sat Oct 5 01:27:23 UTC 2002

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 08:51:51PM -0400, Sven Dietrich wrote:
>   the new version introduces a different behavior for the AP: it
> only listens on the localhost interface. For some applications,
> it may be desirable to have the AP listen on a given interface,
> say the interface that serves all hosts on the closed side of a
> NAT box. Similarly, you would want the OR portion to listen on
> the exposed (open) side of the NAT box. Since the distribution
> of those interfaces is not obvious to tor, a configuration
> option is necessary.

That's correct. More generally, I'd like to build a cleaner more general
(or do I want less general?) config file that specifies things like
that, and more. We've got one but I'm getting uncomfortable with making
*everything* a command-line option too. At some point I plan to bring
up the question of exit policies, and we'll need ways to describe them

Currently we use popt, but it's increasingly becoming a headache as we
start working on more platforms (but nobody on those platforms has popt
and some of them find it hard to get it or get it working).

I know this may turn into a bike-shed question (where everybody thinks
they know something about the topic so they all speak up), but: what's the
right config library/tool/approach to use? Popt is nice because it handles
command-line and config-file. Getopt only handles command-line, yes?

We can roll our own config file reader, but that *ought* to not be the
right answer in this day and age.

And at some point we'll want to ask ourselves if we want to use some
sort of mark-up, and/or mark-up reading tool.

Anyway, I'm off to info-hiding tomorrow and will be reading mail less
while there. Please do answer my question, but also don't let this thread
get out of hand. :)

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