cvs is up

Bruce Montrose montrose at
Thu Jun 27 13:22:15 UTC 2002

I have not touched op/. I have been working only on common/ so far.
However, I will be making changes to httpap/ and smtpap/ soon if all
goes well on my end.

What other proxies might we be interested in? Shall I look into making
other application proxies?

Please explain how I should submit changed files to you. What about
changes needed to Makefiles when new files are created? Should I check
out, alter, and commit changes to the Makefiles as well? I'm CVS-challenged,
so I need recipes and a brief explanation please. I suppose I need to create
an ssh tunnel so that I can communicate through our firewall to your CVS
server. What port do I need to map when I make the tunnel for CVS?


At 11:11 PM 6/26/2002 -0400, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>Ok, I just cvs init'ed again and imported the new code. So get
>yourself a new sandbox and
>cvs -d /home/or/cvsroot checkout .
>cvs -d :ext:you at checkout .
>Bruce: thanks for the code tarball. I tried to put it into the current
>repository but various things stopped building, such as the application
>proxies. Can you integrate it in, and make sure it builds before you
>Also, does that mean you're not messing with op/ currently, and I should
>feel free to go in and redo it?
>Please let me know if there are any problems. I'm still ironing out a
>few issues with the cvs log script (for sending mail to or-cvs). And
>just because the whole thing builds on my machine doesn't mean it'll
>build on yours. :)

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