Using httpap with actual browsers

Matej Pfajfar badbytes at
Mon Jul 22 05:30:52 UTC 2002

> Mat: how did you handle this when you were writing all this for your
> thesis? What browser did you use, or did you ever show that it worked
> graphically? :)
I used MS IE of all browsers ;-). Was convenient cos I was connecting to 
Linux boxes through a Windoze machine. 
IE uses HTTP 1.0, never even touches 1.1 for some reason.

The way to prevent a browser like Mozilla bundling querues together is 
(for 1.1) to add a Connection: close header to the request. The server 
will repeat that header in the reply and the browser will know to forget 
about the bundled queries it has made and re-request them over separate 

> The long-term solution here is to adapt a real web proxy to handle
> onions. I'm not sure I want to do that in the next few days, though. :)
> --Roger

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