Using httpap with actual browsers

Roger Dingledine arma at
Fri Jul 19 20:24:03 UTC 2002

Ok, so far I've been using telnet and wget to talk to the httpap. I just
tried it with a Mozilla. My Mozilla speaks HTTP/1.1. So all pages that I
fetch through the httpap are blank. (Apparently it's not listening to the
"505 version not supported" text.)

I can remove the check from httpap, so it doesn't care what version it
gets, and then things "mostly" work. But obviously it isn't going to
work so well when Mozilla does 1.1-ish things, like bundling multiply
queries at once.

Mat: how did you handle this when you were writing all this for your
thesis? What browser did you use, or did you ever show that it worked
graphically? :)

The long-term solution here is to adapt a real web proxy to handle
onions. I'm not sure I want to do that in the next few days, though. :)


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