bug in onion expire time, for 3 hop onions?

Matej Pfajfar badbytes at freehaven.net
Fri Jul 19 12:08:25 UTC 2002

> Now that I've got more than 3 onion routers up, and my coinweight is
> non-zero, sometimes I get onions which use 3 hops. Some of those onions
> have invalid expire times:

I've written a test suite for encrypt_onion() and decrypt_onion().
The problem comes up (at least for me) when the onion has 5+ hops.
Still hunting for the bug but what happens is that the outter layer is 
decrpyted correctly (i.e. memcpy says the whole decrypted lot is the same 
as the ciphertext after 4 passes) ... but then the next RSA decryption 
screws things up and you get the wrong DES key ...
There are probably stil bugs in my test suite so still going ...

Oh and another thing - I had a bitch of a time trying to link onion.o 
into my test executable. Turns out I have to include all the .o files in 
src/or, including main.o - this makes things difficult cos main.o already 
has an int main() in there and had to fix that before it linked.
Roger what do you think about moving all the functions in there to a 
separate .o? Would make things like this easier in the future?


Matej Pfajfar

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