problems trying to run OR...

Roger Dingledine arma at
Fri Aug 23 02:42:06 UTC 2002

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 01:32:27PM -0400, Bruce Montrose wrote:
> I have three machines which I am attempting to run the Onion Router on so 
> that I can stress test it using the WebLoad software.
> new_route() : Choosing hop 0.
> new_route() : Chosen router 1.
> new_route() : Choosing hop 0.
> new_route() : Chosen router 2.
> new_route() : Choosing hop 0.
> new_route() : Chosen router 0.

I don't know what your problem is yet, but I know something's wrong.

When the or reads the routers file, it will read in 3 routers, and
should discard one of them because it passes the router_is_me() test
in routers.c.

So the router_array should have 2 entries: 0 and 1.

The fact that it has three entries above means that it's confused -- it
doesn't recognize who it is, perhaps? When I start an or using -l debug,
it includes the line "getrouters(): This entry is actually me. Ignoring."
while it's reading the routers.or file. Perhaps your computer doesn't
know who it is?

In addition, it's likely that one of them failed to start correctly, or
failed to successfully make a connection. If you started the OR and it's
running but not connected to the other nodes, then you could get into
this loop. This seems the most likely option, come to think of it. If
your computers can't figure out their IP, then they're not authenticating
correctly, and so connection_twin_get_by_addr_port returns 0 because it
isn't currently connected. Look for lines like "Received a connection
from an unknown router. Will drop."

I've got "fix that infinite loop problem" on my todo list, which I've
been ignoring lately because I've got too many things going on. I'll
try to get it fixed in the next day or so, and then it will give you a
more informative warning. :) But you'll still have to figure out what
the problem is from there.


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