problems trying to run OR...

Bruce Montrose montrose at
Thu Aug 22 19:22:10 UTC 2002

LOL. While I was reading your reply I was thinking to myself, "I remember 
making that change to my routers file already."

Well, I had made the change to my routers file on each of the router 
machines. I just forgot to update my local copy (the copy i sent you).

I ran checksums on all the files in the ortest directory of each of my 
onion router machines to verify that all my onion router machines are using 
the same files, and then updated my local machine with this ortest 
directory. I then created a tar-ball of it and attached it to this email. 
So, I can say for certain that this is the ortest directory which was used 
on all my onion router machines at the time of my testing. My apologies for 
sending the wrong file before.

So to answer your question; Yes, I am using the same orrc file on all my 
onion routers. All three onion routers started up on port 9001 as specified 
in the routers file when I ran my test.

Here is the procedure that I followed:

I first ran the command: "./or -f orrc&" from within the "ortest" directory 
of each of my onion router machines.
After all the onion routers were up, I then did: "./httpap -f httpaprc -p 
8080&" from my first onion router machine.
Then I brought up my Internet Explorer which I previously setup to use 
httpaprc as a proxy.
It was at this point that my first onion router entered into that 
new_route() infinite loop I mentioned previously.

At 03:20 AM 8/22/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Bruce,
>Having looked at your ortest
>directory, there is only one orrc there. Are you using this file for all
>three routers?
>If so, you need to make sure the routers and orrc files contain the same
>port numbers. At the moment, all routers would start up on port 9001
>AFAICT. I suggest you change all entries in the routers file to have port
>9001 (since they are running on different machines).
>If this isn't the problem then please let me know and I'll dig further.
>Matej Pfajfar
>GPG Public Keys @

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