[tor-consensus-health] >50 new Tor Relays - University Linz (2021-02)

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Sat Feb 27 19:48:16 UTC 2021

Hello Tobias and Rene!

> Hi Tobias and Rene,
> we noticed your new relays [1] that you run for your research project.
> For transparency reasons I'd like to encourage you to set MyFamily 
> in your torrc configuration (using fingerprints not nicknames).
> Malicious entities are exploiting misconfigured relay groups by using their ContactInfo
> and if you haven't set MyFamily properly we have a hard time telling your relays apart
> from someone else using your ContactInfo.
> To allow for automated verification of your relay's attribution to your domain 
> it would be best to make use of the IANA registered "tor-relay" well-known URI
> to publish your list of relay fingerprints:
> https://www.digidow.eu/.well-known/tor-relay/rsa-fingerprint.txt
> and you would then add this string to your ContactInfo for automated verification:
> url:www.digidow.eu proof:uri-rsa ciissversion:2
> specs:
> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/torspec/-/blob/master/proposals/326-tor-relay-well-known-uri-rfc8615.md 
> https://nusenu.github.io/ContactInfo-Information-Sharing-Specification/
> https://www.iana.org/assignments/well-known-uris/well-known-uris.xhtml
> for examples see:
> https://nusenu.github.io/OrNetStats/#verified-operator-domains
> When replying you can drop the mailing list from CC since it requires you to be subscribed to post to it.

Please keep me in the Cc list, too, in that case so the Tor Project is
in the loop, too.


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