[tor-consensus-health] Consensus issues

atagar at torproject.org atagar at torproject.org
Sun Mar 6 07:10:09 UTC 2016

NOTICE: Downloading the consensus from urras took 72.3s. Median download time is 4.3s: maatuska => 4.8s, tor26 => 3.6s, urras => 72.3s, longclaw => 4.8s, dizum => 3.2s, gabelmoo => 3.5s, moria1 => 4.9s, dannenberg => 3.5s, Faravahar => 4.3s
WARNING: The consensuses published by the following directory authorities are more than one hour old and therefore not fresh anymore: dizum
NOTICE: Consensus fetched from dizum was missing the following authority signatures: urras, Faravahar, dizum, longclaw

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