[community] Call for Participation - User interview with the Tor Project!

nah nah at torproject.org
Thu Mar 3 16:50:27 UTC 2022

Hello friends,

The UX team has just launched a call for participation for a future study on a Tor-powered VPN, and we need your help to understand better its features!

We are looking for people that use Tor Browser or a VPN frequently, of any age (18+), gender or location to be interviewed by us. The interview will last around 40 minutes, loosely follow a pre-written questionnaire, and we may ask for a follow-up interview in the future.

As a thank you gift we are offering a Tor t-shirt to all interviewees that are selected to participate in this study. Participants that live in a location that has experienced Internet censorship, and/or those who are an underrepresented minority in their country are encouraged to apply.

If you’re interested in participating, kindly fill out this form:

English - https://survey.torproject.org/index.php/789981
Spanish - https://survey.torproject.org/index.php/789981?lang=es 
Portuguese - https://survey.torproject.org/index.php/789981?lang=pt-BR 

Please note that receiving this email and/or submitting the form does not guarantee that you will be selected to participate and/or receive a thank you gift.

At the moment, we are asking for community members' feedback only – so please do not share this Call for Participation in a public channel.

Looking forward to talking to you,

User Researcher
The Tor Project

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