[community] [proposal] support.tpo update cycle

Alison Macrina alison at libraryfreedomproject.org
Wed Aug 1 16:39:00 UTC 2018

> Hey folks!
> Last week, emmapeel and I started to draft support.tpo update cycle.
> Please, see if this workflow works for you.

Sorry for my slow reply! Thanks for getting this workflow started Gus
and Emma!

> Release cycle
> -------------
> - We aim to update support.torproject.org once a month, starting on the
>   10th.
> - Community liaison (gus) will bring the content to change.> - Localization coordinator (emma) and community liaison will ask others
>   to review the modifications and then update the website.
> - Localization coordinator update translations in transifex.
> How to submit content changes
> -----------------------------
> For content changes, you can open a trac ticket and choose the
> component:
> Community/Tor Support.

This looks good to me. I will make a point to add suggested content
changes to the portal based on the monthly user advocate feedback.

> Trac
> ----
> Where in trac.tpo we could add this workflow? :)

Should we put it right on the support portal? Something like "have
feedback?" or some other language that communicates that this feedback
option is for content changes/additions, not for getting more help using

> cheers,
> gus
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