[community] [roadmap process] follow up with other teams

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Sun Nov 12 23:58:43 UTC 2017

Hi Community team!

This Friday Nov 17 is the when the 'chatting' time ends and we start
with execution.

This is just symbolic, of course you will not stop talking with other
people! But hopefully by this Friday you and the teams who wrote
questions related to the Community team roadmap, has either addressed
them and all is good, or made a plan on how to stay in touch as you work
on stuff.

I am sending a similar note to all teams.

I also would like to call your attention to Services and UX Team
roadmaps that were added to the pad:

If you have questions for them, there is an section for them at the
questions pad:

Finally, below are the questions other teams wrote to Community team,
please take a look at them and follow up with whatever is necessary:

Questions/Comments for Community team roadmap:

[Tor Browser] Do we have a developer feedback item planned like making
Tor Browser devs aware of the most frequently encountered issues? It
seems the answer is "no". But if we could think about a way to establish
a process for that (we tried after Amsterdam) and work on it in the next
6 months that would be great I think.
[Alison: yes we should do this. I'll follow up with your team and the
network team on creating a schedule for this.]

[Network] Same question as for Tor Browser team: can we get summary
feedback from Frontdesk?
[Alison: see my answer above]

[Network] We should figure out how to send more people to events in
South America; Nick has promised Isa he'll go to _something_ next year.
[Alison: agree -- one of our roadmap items is mapping out conferences
for various Tor speakers]

[OONI] Are there active plans to collaborate on GS community outreach
with OONI (apart from partnerships)?
[Alison: we can make plans -- we should start with identifying points
for collaboration. the circumvention stuff on our roadmap seems like one
obvious place.]

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