[community] suggested glossary additions

Alison Macrina alison at libraryfreedomproject.org
Fri Apr 7 13:53:00 UTC 2017

Taylor Yu:
> Hi Community Team,
> Here are some of my suggested additions to the glossary page at
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/community/glossary
> that could be helpful to new contributors (or maybe just people
> interested in the project):
> === GSoC ===
> Tor participates in the Google Summer of Code, which is a summer program
> for university students.
> === TPI ===
> TPI is an acronym for The Tor Project, Inc.
> === tpo ===
> People on IRC often use `tpo` to abbreviate `torproject.org` when
> writing hostnames. For example, `trac.tpo` is an abbreviation for
> `trac.torproject.org`.

Hi Taylor, these look like good additions. Happy to add them, but I
don't actually know how to add new definitions on the navigation bar on
the right. Colin, could you add these or tell me how to?


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