[community] meeting tomorrow

Alison Macrina alison at libraryfreedomproject.org
Tue Apr 4 13:43:00 UTC 2017

Hi all,

We have a meeting tomorrow at 1800 UTC in #tor-project IRC, but I'm
giving a talk that's ending right as the meeting begins. I thought I'd
be able to make it but I think it'll be difficult.

Would someone else like to run the meeting tomorrow? Someone who was at
the Tor Meeting can give a reportback about community related things we
discussed there, and maybe Colin can give a support portal update?

Let me know what you think. If not, we can maybe have the meeting next
week instead.


Alison Macrina
Library Freedom Project
PGP: https://libraryfreedomproject.org/contact/

Alison Macrina:
> Colin Childs:
>> On 29/03/17 11:08 AM, Kat wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I thought the meeting was supposed to be next week. I can't make today.
>>> Sorry.
>>>  -Kat
>> Hi Kat / all,
>> You are completely correct, the meeting was supposed to be next week.
>> Somehow both Alison and I had it in our calendars as this week.
>> We will meet next week as usual. I hope everyone is recovering well from
>> travel!
> Thanks Colin and Kat! My bad for the confusion! I'm clearly just so
> excited to talk about the meeting.
> See you all next week.
> Alison

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