[tor-commits] [torspec/main] Document behavior on multiple TLS-over-TCP linkspecs

nickm at torproject.org nickm at torproject.org
Thu May 27 17:12:25 UTC 2021

commit 26f81be09c2c7545146453fdbdbb5ae867abf3ab
Author: Nick Mathewson <nickm at torproject.org>
Date:   Thu May 27 13:12:18 2021 -0400

    Document behavior on multiple TLS-over-TCP linkspecs
 tor-spec.txt | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

diff --git a/tor-spec.txt b/tor-spec.txt
index d044542..8d345fb 100644
--- a/tor-spec.txt
+++ b/tor-spec.txt
@@ -1069,6 +1069,10 @@ see tor-design.pdf.
    different RSA identity, it SHOULD NOT attempt to make another
    connection: it should just fail and DESTROY the circuit.
+   The client MAY include multiple IPv4 or IPv6 link specifiers in an
+   EXTEND cell; current OR implementations only consider the first
+   of each type.
    After checking relay identities, extending ORs generate a
    CREATE/CREATE2 cell from the contents of the EXTEND/EXTEND2 cell.
    See section 5.3 for details.

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