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translation at torproject.org translation at torproject.org
Wed May 26 18:47:33 UTC 2021

commit 564e2c2f5a286de6e906bcb9c95d2ce95424f6aa
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Wed May 26 18:47:33 2021 +0000

 ru/torbutton.properties | 8 +++++++-
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/ru/torbutton.properties b/ru/torbutton.properties
index 2cf55b68e9..749ee13d4d 100644
--- a/ru/torbutton.properties
+++ b/ru/torbutton.properties
@@ -124,6 +124,12 @@ onionServices.authPreferences.remove=Удалить
 onionServices.authPreferences.removeAll=Удалить все
 onionServices.authPreferences.failedToGetKeys=Невозможно получить ключи от Tor
 onionServices.authPreferences.failedToRemoveKey=Невозможно удалить ключ
+# onionServices.v2Deprecated.pageTitle=V2 Onion Site Deprecation Warning
+# onionServices.v2Deprecated.header=Version 2 Onion Sites will be deprecated soon
+# onionServices.v2Deprecated=This onion site will not be reachable soon. Please contact the site administrator and encourage them to upgrade.
+# onionServices.v2Deprecated.longDescription=Tor is ending its support for version 2 onion services beginning in July 2021, and this onion site will no longer be reachable at this address. If you are the site administrator, upgrade to a version 3 onion service soon.
+# onionServices.v2Deprecated.tryAgain=Got it
+# onionServices.v2Deprecated.tooltip=This onion site will not be reachable soon
 # Onion-Location strings.
 onionLocation.alwaysPrioritize=Onion-ресурсы всегда в приоритете
@@ -139,7 +145,7 @@ onionLocation.askEverytime=Спрашивать всякий раз
 onionLocation.prioritizeOnionsDescription=Onion-сайты в приоритете (по возможности).
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with the crytocurrency address.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with the cryptocurrency address.
 # cryptoSafetyPrompt.cryptoWarning=A cryptocurrency address (%S) has been copied from an insecure website. It could have been modified.
 # cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanHeading=What can you do about it?
 # cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanBody=You can try reconnecting with a new circuit to establish a secure connection, or accept the risk and dismiss this warning.

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