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Fri May 21 02:17:42 UTC 2021

commit e7e11fb388b69bd4246da7b3320f49431d3bc7c2
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Fri May 21 02:17:41 2021 +0000

 pt-BR/torbutton.properties | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pt-BR/torbutton.properties b/pt-BR/torbutton.properties
index e1aeeecdb0..9304cc7cca 100644
--- a/pt-BR/torbutton.properties
+++ b/pt-BR/torbutton.properties
@@ -139,12 +139,12 @@ onionLocation.askEverytime=Perguntar sempre
 onionLocation.prioritizeOnionsDescription=Priorize sites .onion quando conhecido.
 onionLocation.onionServicesTitle=Serviços Onion
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with the crytocurrency address.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with the cryptocurrency address.
 cryptoSafetyPrompt.cryptoWarning=A cryptocurrency address (%S) has been copied from an insecure website. It could have been modified.
-cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanHeading=What can you do about it?
-cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanBody=You can try reconnecting with a new circuit to establish a secure connection, or accept the risk and dismiss this warning.
+cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanHeading=O que você pode fazer a respeito?
+cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanBody=Você pode tentar reconectar com um novo circuito para estabelecer uma conexão segura ou aceitar o risco e ignorar este aviso.
 cryptoSafetyPrompt.learnMore=Saiba Mais
-cryptoSafetyPrompt.primaryAction=Reload Tab with a New Circuit
+cryptoSafetyPrompt.primaryAction=Recarregar guia com um novo circuito
 cryptoSafetyPrompt.secondaryAction=Dismiss Warning

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