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@@ -29,9 +29,9 @@ If this website was linked back to them, they could be arrested--or worse.
 To protect themselves, Fernanda and her colleagues created the website using Tor **onion services**. Onion services not only protect them from being discovered as the operators of the server but also help protect visitors to their website by requiring they use Tor Browser. 
-In fact, Fernanda uses **Tor Browser** for all of her web browsing just to be on the safe side.
+در واقع فرناندا از **مرورگر تور** برای تمام کار های جستجوی خود استفاده می کند تا امن تر باشد
-She also uses a Tor-powered app called **OnionShare** to send files to other activists securely and privately. 
+او از یک نرم افزار بر پایه برنامه تور به نام آنیون شیر **OnionShare** استفاده می کند تا فایل ها را به دیگر اکتیویست ها بصورت امن ارسال کند
 ### فعالین حقوق باروری مانند فرناندا، برای آزادی‌های اساسی مبارزه می‌کنند و تور به قدرت مقاومت آن‌ها کمک می‌کند.
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ She also uses a Tor-powered app called **OnionShare** to send files to other act
 # 3. تور برای حقوق بشر
-### Water is life 
+### آب زندگیست
 Jelani در روستایی کوچکی زندگی می‌کند که رودخانه وسیعی از آن عبور می‌کند.
@@ -59,13 +59,13 @@ All of this software uses Tor to help protect Jelani’s privacy.
+# 4. تور برای جلوگیری از فیلترینگ و سانسوری
-### Build bridges not walls
+### بجای ساختن دیوار ها پل ها را بسازید
 Jean was traveling for the first time to a country far from his family.
-After arriving at a hotel, he opened his laptop.
+پس از ورود به هتل ، لپتاپش را باز کرد
 He was so exhausted that when the message "Connection has timed out" first appeared on his web browser, he thought it was due to his own error.
@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ With Tor Browser, Jean can browse freely and privately and contact his family.
-# 5. Shared Sections
+# بخش های اشتراک گذاری شده
 ## تور چیست؟
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ When you use Tor Browser, no one can see what websites you visit or where in the
 Other applications, like SecureDrop and OnionShare, use Tor to protect their users against surveillance and censorship.
-## 6. How does Tor work?
+## تور چطور کار می کند؟
 Amal wants to visit Bekele’s website privately, so she opens Tor Browser.
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ Tor relay operators cannot reveal the true identity of Tor users.
 Continual peer review of Tor's source code by academic and open source communities ensures that there are no backdoors in Tor, and our social contract promises that we will never backdoor Tor. 
-## 7. Join the Tor community
+## 7. به انجمن تور بپیوندید
 Tor is made possible by a diverse set of users, developers, relay operators, and advocates from around the world.
@@ -149,9 +149,9 @@ The Tor community is governed by a code of conduct, and we outline our set of pr
 Learn more about Tor by visiting our website, our wiki, finding us on IRC, joining one of our mailing lists, or signing up for Tor News at newsletter.torproject.org.
-## 8. Download Tor
+## 8. دریافت تور
-Tor for Desktop
+تور برای دسکتاپ 
 تور برای موبایل

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