[tor-commits] [stem/master] Add Vanguard and Bushel to examples

atagar at torproject.org atagar at torproject.org
Wed Feb 27 22:43:38 UTC 2019

commit 3e2b7a3b0df1f8019743bb66dc9db5809acf8abd
Author: Damian Johnson <atagar at torproject.org>
Date:   Thu Feb 7 11:10:22 2019 -0800

    Add Vanguard and Bushel to examples
    Listing a couple projects I've been meaning to take a peek at. Only took a
    cursory glance but seems Mike and Iain did fantastic jobs.
    I also hoped to list SelekTOR [1] somewhere. I don't know much about it, but
    sounds like an interesting GUI project. However, it's java (and by extension
    doesn't use stem) so I can't list it on the examples page. I have a separate
    section for alternate language libraries but it's not that either, so guess I
    don't have a spot to plop it. Oh well.
    [1] https://www.dazzleships.net/selektor-for-linux/
 docs/tutorials/double_double_toil_and_trouble.rst | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/docs/tutorials/double_double_toil_and_trouble.rst b/docs/tutorials/double_double_toil_and_trouble.rst
index c9a63a7b..6e5df2cf 100644
--- a/docs/tutorials/double_double_toil_and_trouble.rst
+++ b/docs/tutorials/double_double_toil_and_trouble.rst
@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ Applications
 `exit-funding <https://github.com/torservers/exit-funding>`_                                                Script to estimate how much exit relays have been used.
 `torsearch <https://github.com/wfn/torsearch>`_                                                             Search engine prototype for descriptor data.
 `or-applet <https://github.com/Yawning/or-applet>`_                                                         GUI widget to provide circuit information and an interactive interpreter.
+`Vanguard <https://github.com/mikeperry-tor/vanguards>`_                                                    Experimental hidden service security additions
 `OnionBalance <https://github.com/DonnchaC/onionbalance>`_                                                  Tool for making distributed hidden service requests.
 `OnionPerf <https://github.com/robgjansen/onionperf>`_                                                      Measures onion service performance over time using customizable client behavior models.
 `OnioNS <https://github.com/Jesse-V/OnioNS-client>`_                                                        Distributed DNS for hidden services.
@@ -82,6 +83,7 @@ Applications
 `trnnr <https://github.com/NullHypothesis/trnnr>`_                                                          Python implementation of tor's nearest neighbour ranking.
 `TorTP <https://github.com/vinc3nt/stem-tortp>`_                                                            Configures iptables to torify all traffic.
 `BWScanner <https://github.com/TheTorProject/bwscanner>`_                                                   Measurements for the tor bandwidth authorities. Interesting example of txtorcon and stem being used together.
+`Bushel <https://github.com/irl/bushel/>`_                                                                  Command-line descriptor download tools
 `blockstack-tor <https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-tor>`_                                            Tor integration for `Blockstack <https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack>`_
 =========================================================================================================== ==========

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