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    docs: Update internal Tor configuration
    and change titles.
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 .. _config_tor:
-sbws scanner tor configuration
+Internal Tor configuration for the scanner
-At the time of writing, sbws sets the following torrc options for the following
-reasons when it launches Tor. You can find them in ``sbws/globals.py`` and
+The scanner needs an specific Tor configuration.
+The following options are either set when launching Tor or required when
+connection to an existing Tor daemon.
+Default configuration:
 - ``SocksPort auto``: To proxy requests over Tor.
 - ``CookieAuthentication 1``: The easiest way to authenticate to Tor.
-- ``LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0``: To keep circuit build timeouts static.
-- ``CircuitBuildTimeout 10``: To give up on struggling circuits sooner.
 - ``UseEntryGuards 0``: To avoid path bias warnings.
-- ``DataDirectory ...``: To set Tor's datadirectory to be inside sbws's.
-- ``PidFile ...``: To make it easier to tell if Tor is running.
-- ``ControlSocket ...``: To control Tor.
-- ``Log notice ...``: To know what the heck is going on.
+- ``UseMicrodescriptors 0``: Because full server descriptors are needed.
+- ``SafeLogging 0``: Useful for logging, since there's no need for anonymity.
+- ``LogTimeGranularity 1``
+- ``ProtocolWarnings 1``
+- ``LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0``: To keep circuit build timeouts static.
+Configuration that depends on the user configuration file:
+- ``CircuitBuildTimeout ...``: The timeout trying to build a circuit.
+- ``DataDirectory ...``: The Tor data directory path.
+- ``PidFile ...``: The Tor PID file path.
+- ``ControlSocket ...``: The Tor control socket path.
+- ``Log notice ...``: The Tor log level and path.
+Configuration that needs to be set on runtime:
+- ``__DisablePredictedCircuits 1``: To build custom circuits.
+- ``__LeaveStreamsUnattached 1``
+Currently most of the code that sets this configuration is in :func:`sbws.util.stem.launch_tor`
+and the default configuration is ``sbws/globals.py``.
+.. note:: the location of these code is being refactored.
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