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Wed Feb 20 08:19:26 UTC 2019

commit ba074ab5fb571cd638e5d70886d1b03197633bb0
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Date:   Wed Feb 20 08:19:23 2019 +0000

    Update translations for torbutton-browseronboardingproperties
 fi/browserOnboarding.properties | 38 +++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fi/browserOnboarding.properties b/fi/browserOnboarding.properties
index 8438af66f..ff719c04b 100644
--- a/fi/browserOnboarding.properties
+++ b/fi/browserOnboarding.properties
@@ -14,41 +14,41 @@ onboarding.tour-tor-privacy.button=Siirry Tor-verkkoon
 onboarding.tour-tor-network.title=Selaa hajautetussa verkossa.
-onboarding.tour-tor-network.description=Tor Browser connects you to the Tor network run by thousands of volunteers around the world. Unlike a VPN, there’s no one point of failure or centralized entity you need to trust in order to enjoy the internet privately.
-onboarding.tour-tor-network.button=Go to Circuit Display
+onboarding.tour-tor-network.description=Tor Browser yhdistää sinut Tor-verkkoon, jota pyörittävät tuhannet vapaaehtoiset ympäti maailmaa. Toisin kuin VPN'ssä, sinun ei tarvitse luottaa yhteen katkospisteeseeen tai keskitettyyn kokonaisuuteen nauttiaksesi internetistä yksityisesti.
+onboarding.tour-tor-network.button=Mene piirinäyttöön
-onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display=Circuit Display
-onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display.title=See your path.
+onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display.title=Näe polkusi.
 onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display.description=For each domain you visit, your traffic is relayed and encrypted in a circuit across three Tor relays around the world. No website knows where you are connecting from. You can request a new circuit by clicking ‘New Circuit for this Site’ on our Circuit Display.
-onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display.button=See My Path
+onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display.button=Katso polkuni
 onboarding.tour-tor-security.title=Valitse kokemus jonka haluat.
 onboarding.tour-tor-security.description=We also provide you with additional settings for bumping up your browser security. Our Security Settings allow you to block elements that could be used to attack your computer. Click below to see what the different options do.
 onboarding.tour-tor-security.button=Review Settings
-onboarding.tour-tor-expect-differences=Experience Tips
-onboarding.tour-tor-expect-differences.title=Expect some differences.
+onboarding.tour-tor-expect-differences.title=Joitakin eroja on odotettavissa.
 onboarding.tour-tor-expect-differences.description=With all the security and privacy features provided by Tor, your experience while browsing the internet may be a little different. Things may be a bit slower, and depending on your security level, some elements may not work or load. You may also be asked to prove you are a human and not a robot.
-onboarding.tour-tor-expect-differences.button=See FAQs
+onboarding.tour-tor-expect-differences.button=Katso UKK'ja
-onboarding.tour-tor-onion-services=Onion Services
-onboarding.tour-tor-onion-services.title=Be extra protected.
+onboarding.tour-tor-onion-services=Onion'in palvelut
+onboarding.tour-tor-onion-services.title=Suojaa itseäsi erityisen paljon.
 onboarding.tour-tor-onion-services.description=Onion services are sites that end with a .onion that provide extra protections to publishers and visitors, including added safeguards against censorship. Onion services allow anyone to provide content and services anonymously. Click below to visit the DuckDuckGo onion site.
-onboarding.tour-tor-onion-services.button=Visit an Onion
+onboarding.tour-tor-onion-services.button=Käy Onion'issa
 # Circuit Display onboarding.
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.one-of-three=1 of 3
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.two-of-three=2 of 3
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.three-of-three=3 of 3
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.intro.title=How do circuits work?
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.intro.msg=Circuits are made up of randomly assigned relays, which are computers around the world configured to forward Tor traffic. Circuits allow you to browse privately and to connect to onion services.
+onboarding.tor-circuit-display.intro.title=Miten piirit toimivat?
+onboarding.tor-circuit-display.intro.msg=Piiri koostuu satunnaisesti ympäri maailman valituista releistä, jotka ovat Tor-liikenteen välitykseen määriteltyjä tietokoneita. Piirit antavat sinun selata yksityisesti ja yhdistää tietokoneesi Onion'in palveluihin.
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.diagram.title=Circuit Display
 onboarding.tor-circuit-display.diagram.msg=This diagram shows the relays that make up the circuit for this website. To prevent linking of activity across different sites, each website gets a different circuit.
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.new-circuit.title=Do you need a new circuit?
-onboarding.tor-circuit-display.new-circuit.msg=If you are not able to connect to the website you’re trying to visit or it is not loading properly, then you can use this button to reload the site with a new circuit.
+onboarding.tor-circuit-display.new-circuit.title=Tarvitsetko uuden piirin?
+onboarding.tor-circuit-display.new-circuit.msg=Jos et pysty yhdistymään verkkosivuun, jota yrität käyttää, tai se ei lataudu oikein, voit käyttää tätä painiketta ladataksesi sivun uudelleen uudella piirillä.

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