[tor-commits] [translation/torbutton-browseronboardingproperties] Update translations for torbutton-browseronboardingproperties

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Fri Feb 1 13:19:26 UTC 2019

commit 197851d3f219e17c48fe7c8903d611febeca70da
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Fri Feb 1 13:19:23 2019 +0000

    Update translations for torbutton-browseronboardingproperties
 fi/browserOnboarding.properties | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fi/browserOnboarding.properties b/fi/browserOnboarding.properties
index 95770a602..1c20ccbba 100644
--- a/fi/browserOnboarding.properties
+++ b/fi/browserOnboarding.properties
@@ -10,10 +10,10 @@ onboarding.tour-tor-welcome.button=Start Now
 onboarding.tour-tor-privacy.title=Snub trackers and snoopers.
 onboarding.tour-tor-privacy.description=Tor Browser isolates cookies and deletes your browser history after your session. These modifications ensure your privacy and security are protected in the browser. Click ‘Tor Network’ to learn how we protect you on the network level.
-onboarding.tour-tor-privacy.button=Go to Tor Network
+onboarding.tour-tor-privacy.button=Siirry Tor-verkkoon
-onboarding.tour-tor-network=Tor Network
-onboarding.tour-tor-network.title=Travel a decentralized network.
+onboarding.tour-tor-network.title=Selaa hajautetussa verkossa.
 onboarding.tour-tor-network.description=Tor Browser connects you to the Tor network run by thousands of volunteers around the world. Unlike a VPN, there’s no one point of failure or centralized entity you need to trust in order to enjoy the internet privately.
 onboarding.tour-tor-network.button=Go to Circuit Display
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display.description=For each domain you visit, your
 onboarding.tour-tor-circuit-display.button=See My Path
-onboarding.tour-tor-security.title=Choose your experience.
+onboarding.tour-tor-security.title=Valitse kokemus jonka haluat.
 onboarding.tour-tor-security.description=We also provide you with additional settings for bumping up your browser security. Our Security Settings allow you to block elements that could be used to attack your computer. Click below to see what the different options do.
 onboarding.tour-tor-security.button=Review Settings

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